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Know The Importance Of Teeth Scaling!

Importance Of Teeth Scaling

Have you observed that your gums have been swollen recently? Do you find it challenging to chew soft foods? These can be the common signs of gum disease, which is usually caused due to buildup of excessive plaque. Plaque accumulation is indicated by painful chewing, inflamed or bleeding gums, unpleasant breath that persists even after brushing, and a receding gum line. When this happens, it’s critical to book an appointment with your dentist so that the plaque can be removed with the help of a technique called scaling.

Your dentist or hygienist scrape your teeth during your regular appointment to remove plaque from the surface of your teeth. Scaling is not very different, although it penetrates the gum line a little further.

Everyone has some kind of plaque buildup due to the tiny food particles, acids, and sugars that stick to the thin film of saliva covering your teeth. Plaque should be routinely removed since the bacteria in it can lead to gum disease and tooth decay. Your dentist will do scaling or root planing if you have a lot of plaque to stop gum disease from developing.

Take a look at your gums next time you brush. Examine to figure out if the gums surrounding your teeth are tight. If so, they are adopting steps to keep plaque off your teeth. The tissue surrounding your teeth will become looser and deeper pockets will emerge if gum disease has already started. Ultimately, the plaque fills in these pockets causing immense pain and discomfort.

This blog will discuss essential details related to teeth scaling and root planing. Go through the sections below to find an answer to any queries about this topic.

What Should You Expect During Teeth Scaling Appointment?

Your dentist will probably perform one of two actions once you attend a scaling appointment. If your dentist chooses to use handheld instruments, he/she will use a dental scaler (a metal tool) which is also known as a curette. The dental scaler is inserted beneath the gum line to eliminate the plaque your toothbrush cannot reach. If your dentist prefers to use an ultrasonic device, he/she will then use a tool with a vibrating metal tip that simultaneously sprays cold water while the tip breaks the tartar layer.

Your dentist may also do root planing, depending on the degree of the plaque buildup. Planing and scaling both aim to clean the surface of the tooth’s root. Your dentist will smooth down the tooth’s root by performing root planing so that the gums can heal properly.

What Is The Importance Of Dental Scaling?

As mentioned before, teeth scaling is a method for keeping your mouth clean and stopping plaque buildup in the future. It helps you maintain your oral health wellness for a longer span than usual. Scaling will also prevent gum disease from becoming a severe problem, which is considered to be a vital benefit.

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