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How to Prevent Your Impacted Teeth from Ruining Your Personality!


Some permanent teeth do not erupt as they should, even though the process is usually organized. They typically do not come in and stay concealed inside the gum, referred to as impaction. This leads to various difficulties in terms of function, health, and aesthetics in the case of front canines. Our dentists in Boynton Beach will take care of your impacted canine.

Canines have more pointed and longer teeth on each side of the front-most incisors, the most visible teeth. They aid in the tearing and cutting of food while chewing, which is a function that is lost when there is impaction. Besides putting them at a greater risk for developing abscesses (isolated regions of infection) and cysts, they may also put pressure on nearby teeth, causing them to erupt unnaturally or causing their roots to be damaged.

Dentists in Boynton Beach often remove impacted wisdom teeth and other back teeth to reduce the likelihood of these issues occurring. However, there are some extra concerns when removing impacted canines. In addition to limiting optimal chewing function, missing dogs sometimes result in an unpleasant grin.

There is another approach that we may be able to employ to preserve the canines and bring them down through the gums to their rightful place before we contemplate extraction. It’s frequently done as part of a larger orthodontic treatment plan to fix a bad bite (malocclusion).

After x-rays or CT scans have been used to determine their precise location, a surgeon will surgically expose the crowns of the affected canines through the gum tissue. Afterward, they bind little brackets to the heights and thread a short gold chain through each frame to complete the look. They link the other end of the chains to orthodontic gear that applies downward pressure to the impacted canine teeth on the opposite side of the mouth. Over many months, this pressure may assist in repositioning the teeth to their natural locations.

In most cases, however, this procedure is not suggested since one or more of the impacted teeth may be in an inaccessible spot to begin with, making it impossible to attempt. In these instances, it is usually preferable to extract the teeth, and it is preferable to do so as soon as possible rather than later for the sake of surrounding teeth.

Thanks to today’s sophisticated restorative procedures, we can ultimately replace the canines with dental implants. We may use orthodontics to keep the open area open while also providing a temporary beneficial remedy in the interim term.

Whatever path is chosen, these teeth do not have to become a cause of concern, particularly for your look. Thanks to advances in orthodontics and restorative dentistry, impacted canines do not have to be a source of embarrassment.

You can visit Modern Dental Smiles in Boynton Beach, Florida for treatment of your impacted canines.

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