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Do I Need an Emergency Root Canal?

Emergency Root Canal

Tooth discomfort should always be treated seriously, and an appointment with our dentist should be made. A sore tooth may be attempting to warn you that you have an infection within one of your teeth and require an emergency root canal.

Our root canal dentist wants to make certain that you have all of the knowledge you want to maintain your dental health. Continue reading to discover the indicators that you require root canal therapy.

Why will you require an emergency Root Canal? 

There are situations when there are no symptoms to alert you to the infected tooth pulp. As a result, it’s essential to schedule a preventative care visit with our dentist every six months.

You may experience a root canal if you experience: 

  • A tooth that is deepening in color
  • A gum abscess (sometimes known as a pimple)
  • Sensitivity to heat and cold over an extended period of time
  • The toothache is quite painful.
  • The gum tissue surrounding the tooth is swollen and/or painful.

What happens during an emergency Root Canal?

The purpose of root canal therapy is to salvage abscessed or rotting teeth so that they do not have to be removed. This implies that our dentist will have to extract both the rotting tooth nerve and the diseased tooth pulp. The tooth will die if root canal therapy is not performed, and it will have to be pulled.

First, our dentist will need to anesthetize the tooth locally so you don’t experience any discomfort during the root canal procedure. As your doctor injects the pain medication, you may feel a little jab. Following that, our dentist will cut a small hole at the top of the tooth using a little drill or similar dental tool.

Our root canal dentist will strive to eliminate the dental pulp infection from your tooth after a suitable hole has been produced. To ensure that any leftover pulp and germs are eliminated, our dentist may flush the interior of your tooth with water and an antimicrobial solution. A temporary filling will be applied to seal the tiny hole left by the root canal.

You will return to our dentist’s office a few weeks later to have a dental crown put over your tooth so that it looks and feels natural. The full root canal process usually requires two visits to our clinic.

Who do I call when my tooth hurts?

If your tooth is beginning to hurt, it is critical that you contact our emergency dentist as soon as possible. A dentist will be able to accurately identify the condition by taking x-rays and inspecting your teeth. You should always make an appointment with our dentist as soon as you notice any signs of oral discomfort.

Make careful to describe your symptoms to the person who answers the phone so that they can assess whether you need emergency dental care. Call Modern Dental Smiles at (561) 576-6055 to find out if you require an emergency root canal.

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