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Top Reasons Why Your Teeth Might Be Making You Feel Bad!

Bad Teeth

In most cases, tooth pain is caused by nerves in the pulp chamber of your tooth or teeth reacting to stimuli and sending out a signal that something isn’t right in the form of a pain that you don’t like, which tells you that something isn’t right. You can visit Modern Dental Smiles in Boynton Beach, FL for the best overall dental checkup in the area. Here are the top reasons your teeth might be making you feel bad, and for that, you require regular dental check-ups.

It’s called dental caries

Some bacteria eat food that gets stuck in your mouth and produces acid. This acid can eat through the enamel on your teeth and into the dentin below, which is more vulnerable.

Enamel wear

Acids in your food and the acid in your stomach from acid reflux (GERD) and vomiting can wear away the surface of your teeth.

Gum Recession

Over time, gums can fall away, exposing the sensitive roots of your teeth. It can cause gum recession if you brush too vigorously or use a too-hard toothbrush.

A lot of dental work has been done in the past

Dental work can irritate the pulp tissues and make them a little more sensitive for a short time. This should go away as the pulp heals. They remove decayed areas by covering them up, and this prevents the spread of disease. If they don’t fit right or fall out, air, food particles, and bacteria can get into and irritate the exposed nerve endings. It could be chipped, cracked, or broken. It can happen over time because teeth are put under a lot of pressure when they bite and chew and when they grind their teeth (bruxism) and clench their jaws. Lines in the enamel that start as very small can grow into chips and cracks that show nerve endings. This can cause pain.

Infection of the gums

These tissues hold your teeth in place, and they get infected because of a buildup of bacterial biofilm (plaque) along the gum line. In very bad cases, the infection can reach the end of a tooth root or through accessory canals and get into the tooth’s pulp.


People get abscesses when they get an infection. They’re pus-filled sacs that form inside of their bodies. In some cases, it can happen at the base of the tooth root or between the tooth and the gum.

Tooth Grinding (bruxism)/Jaw Clenching (bruxism)

These so-called “parafunctional habits” wear down your teeth and make them more sensitive, which may lead to pain in your jaw and other problems.

Referred Pain

Pain that comes from another tooth or outside the dental area, like sinus congestion or an infection, can spread around the mouth and make it look like the pain is coming from a single tooth. Pain, as you can see, is a sign that your oral health is in danger. It can be a sign of many things. Our dentist in Boynton Beach can help you figure out what’s going on and how to fix it so you can feel better and protect your smile.

Visit our dentists in Modern Dental Smiles, Boynton Beach, FL, for the best overall dental treatment nearby.

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